Mobile photography workshops for one or many!

I gave up hauling my dslr around with me a while ago; too heavy, too obvious, and too much effort if I’m mostly taking photos that are consumables, viewed on a tiny screen. So, those of you that have read my Instagram bio realize that all of my photos are shot with the handy phone in my pocket. It’s an amazing tool, and I’ve learned a lot about what works with mobile photography and what doesn’t. There are definitely a few key changes you can make that drastically improve the quality of your photos, and I like chatting with people about it – there are no big mysteries.

Many people have asked me about filters, cameras, how to take better photos, and now I’m offering one-on-one sessions where we can talk about all of these things! A 2-hour session with me starts with an hour of photo walk  while we discuss mobile photography. The second hour we will review photos, and discuss the details of editing. 

The goal is for you to walk away with photos you’re excited to share on social media, gain a better understanding of your phone camera’s capability, and build confidence in your own style and focus. Most importantly, you'll get to see firsthand how many croissants I can eat.